“The Fun” by Beckside of Richness

Beckside of Richness is here with “The Fun” and we can tell fun is what they had while creating this song.

This track is simple and easy, and we love every moment of it. We can tell by the way that this band plays, they were born for this. They have a certain musical taste that shouts how they love to play and how naturally it comes.

Beckside of Richness are a trio that will last forever in our hearts and in our minds, as they have a charm that is contagious in the best of ways.

This is a band to be on the lookout for, as they are full of good vibrations, lyrics, and talent.

This “Berlin based trio will release their first album in November, first single out now. The [band] started as a duo of schoolmates and never forgot how it feels”. 

This song is also described by an AI-Bot saying “this song is 82% energetic, 70% happy, cheerful/ euphoric, and 64% good for dancing.” We agree, but we believe “The Fun” is 100% great for dancing, as there are so many fast paced parts in this track.

 There are parts that pull us in and make it easy to love and tap our feet to the endless beat.

Make sure you follow Beckside of Richness on their socials, (listed below) and find out about upcoming shows and new music releases.

Our personal favorite line: “You can call it love” And the way it’s sung, it’s pure, rich and romantic.

Reviewed by Demornay Bester




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