“Karma” by Heidi Pack

They say what goes around comes around. This old adage implies that if one does bad things to others, it will come back to haunt them in the end. Singer-songwriter Heidi Pack addresses this subject matter in her song “Karma.”

“Karma” begins with a gritty, hard guitar riff followed by the vocals of Heid Pack. The song transitions drastically in terms of sound as the guitar drops out and the synthesizer provides an intense performance. In the second verse, the drums make their debut, providing a soft, steady beat. Heidi’s vocals are soft yet filled with raw emotions as she conveys the notion of how this other woman will eventually get what is coming to her as a result of her actions and behavior. “Karma’s a b**ch /And I’m so glad that it is / Because everything that is coming for her is what she deserves.” The climatic point of the song is reached during the bridge as Pack states that she chose to take the high road while the other woman continued to torment Pack. “I stayed out of her life / But she won’t do the same for me.” A heavy, aggressive solo from the guitar makes it debut, making the composition livelier in terms of sound. The song comes to a dramatic end with the sound of a loud crash from the synthesizer.

Heidi Pack has been making music since 2022 and she now has four singles in her discography. Heidi Pack’s music can be heard on various music streaming platforms.


Written by Brittany Jennings 

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