“Round Again” by The Heavy North

“Round Again” by The Heavy North is the harmonica-laden, classic rock song of your dreams. As heavy and full as it gets, the mix of this song will absolutely envelop you. Each bluesy melody pours from a gritty singer on top of the crunchiest guitars you’ll have ever heard. If the term “electric energy” could be summed up in three minutes and five seconds, this song would doubtlessly do the trick.

First, we’re served the chord-based guitar riff through layers of radio static and EQ. A count-off invites the whole band, harmonica and all. The blues notes buzz with momentum and angst as the frenetic intro rages. The extravaganza dies down as the vocals enter: “I / I need a new sensation / And I / Don’t need no confrontation.” The warm confidence of the singer breathes authenticity into the sound as the now-subdued instrumentation brims with anticipation. Still, the guitar sounds have an intensity that’s hard to replicate. Little textural flourishes (such as piano chords and vocal harmonies), add brightness throughout.

A bit more than halfway through, we’re gifted with a tremolo-picked guitar solo and some more of that sweet harmonica. A chanted outro serves as our goodbye, catapulting us into a drum fill and a delicate tambourine shake. If you’re not left moving along to the beat, you’ve done something wrong—but if you like what you hear, Be sure to give The Heavy North a follow, a listen, and a stream on your choice of social media platform or streaming service!

Written by Alyce Lindberg





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