“Friends” by Josh Sky

Josh Sky is here with “Friends”, and after listening the first time…we can’t stop!

This mixture of chill, indie, rock and pop has us falling in love with their sound. 

Friends” tells a story within the lyrics, as well as creates visuals in our minds as we listen.

This is a track that we must keep on repeat, as “Friends” is much deeper than its simplistic title.

Josh Sky does this single justice by singing about he doesn’t want his significant other to find anyone else and move on, because there is love between them, it just doesn’t seem like the right time.

When we hear J. Sky expresses their love for music, they share that “I love[d] the melodramatic tones that make indie music so ambiguous. Most of the music I write about is about love lost, desire, and broken family relationships.”

They also comment that, “my song is about a love lost, and a hope to still remain friends after the relationship is over. Perfect for the summer and the first of three summer singles.”

We have also fallen in love with previous work from J.S, such as the album, Comfortable Vol. 1, “Oh No!” and “Euphoria”.  With a voice like this we can’t stay away, and we can’t wait to hear the upcoming releases from Josh S. for the summer. 

Make sure you follow Josh Sky on all of their socials to see what they are up to next.

Our personal favorite line: “I dream about holding hands/ in a trance/ can’t wait for our first dance.”

Reviewed by Demornay Bester





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