“ForceGhost” by Jerald Copp

Each moment is more impressive than the next in Jerald Copp’s “ForceGhost.” With an unbelievably complex chord structure and dynamically satisfying production, this track is truly one of the most unique pieces of music you’ll ever hear. Although labeled as Synth-pop, it’s really much more than that. It feels orchestral in arrangement, 90’s alternative in atmosphere, and experimental in production value. If Radiohead made EDM, that might put us in the ballpark. This is an undeniably brilliant, well-thought-out song.

A few echoing voices invite us into the track, soon joined by a delicate piano. “Someday / You’ll find your own way through the rubble,” The singer gently whispers the first line. The vocals pan from ear to ear as the chords form this transcendent ambiance. With so few textures, you’d expect a rather mundane impression, but the way this song is written and produced is hauntingly effective. Even so, the sparse instrumentation doesn’t last long.

The sectionally progresses, and we emerge, immersed in this deep, buzzing sea of sounds. Synths fill in all of the cracks of the mix while the lead melody thickens, performed by two vocalists now with layers of doubles and octaves. This effortlessly climactic moment lasts all but forty-five seconds, eventually dissolving back into a verse.

If you’re into moving, anthemic electronic music, look no further. Jerald Copp’s vibrant, creative work might just be your new obsession. Be sure to give him a follow and a listen on your choice of social media platform or streaming service!

Written by Alyce Lindberg




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