“Rise” by LearningToDive (feat. Bravo Bonez)

Sultry, trippy, and vibey; all words to describe dark wave artist LearningToDive’s new track “Rise” (feat. Bravo Bonez). A slow-burning, mind-bending instrumental accompanied by mesmerizing vocals, “Rise” is guaranteed to take the listener on a psychotropic journey. 

Not only does “Rise” have an experimental and psychedelic feel, but that is exactly what both LearningToDive and Bravo Bonez wanted from the track. According to Bravo Bonez, the song “…starts uneasily, and finishes uneasily, and that is where I wanted to leave the listener…which isolates the choruses for their euphoria…”.

The hallucinogenic instrumental consisting of minor keys and a slow yet captivating tune switches tempo effortlessly while keeping to its dark wave, alternative rock vibes. The song does not belong in a box, as it is like nothing that the music industry is showcasing in 2023. At the same time, “Rise” is perfect for fans of dark, meaningful music, yet can also bring in listeners from all parts of the world.

“Rise” is about a man’s journey in life. Of course, every person in this world is on a different path in life; some have rather smooth sailing throughout, while others are no stranger to heartbreak and sorrow. “Rise” is a story about a man’s journey through “…a wilderness of despair, and his unwillingness to give in to negative thoughts.” The instrumental and vocals showcase this uneasy feeling of life, as we all know we will have an eventual death, and it’s up to us to live life to the fullest. The narrator in “Rise” does not succumb to these negative thoughts, which may be why the chorus is much more uplifting and positive than the verses. 

Take a listen to “Rise” now, available on all major music streaming platforms.

Written by Melissa Cusano


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