“Tell Me Everything” by Jen Island

“Tell Me Everything” by Jen Island is the most decadent Indie Rock song—immersed in a fog of echoing guitars, doubled vocals, and washy drums, this track excels in both atmosphere and writing. Whether you listen to music as a means of hypnosis, emotional gratification, or analysis, you’ll find something to enjoy. Not to mention, Jen’s warm, raspy vocals will doubtlessly endear you to her as an artist.

Reverb-drenched guitar and angelic background vocals form the intro of the song. Drums pile in to add a bit of drive, then, the verse begins: “I saw your picture in a magazine / I cut it out, or so it seems.” Jen’s delivery is equal parts breathy and deep, infused with this wonderful authenticity. The instrumental textures remain dreamy, setting this watery backdrop for the lyric and melody. A pause in percussion welcomes an instrumental section, characterized by a delayed, clean guitar riff. This bright moment contrasts the previous muddiness quite deliciously.

In quick succession, we get a syncopated pre-chorus and an anthemic hook. Still, the spacey drive holds the ambiance down. New synths come and go, thickening the texture of the mix and providing a tinge of drama. By the fade, this song has undoubtedly taken your breath away. This masterpiece of songwriting, production, and performance is an ideal example of how alternative dream pop can be innovative and immersive. Be sure to give Jen Island a follow, a like, and a listen on your choice of social media platform or streaming service.

Written by Alyce Lindberg





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