“Breathing” by Lukx

“Breathing” by Lukx has one of the most intoxicating grooves you’ll have heard in a long time. Every melody, whether it’s vocal or instrumental, locks into the beat with an intense pocket. You’ll be whisked away by the current of the rhythm in no time. Plus, it doesn’t hurt that the vocals have this idiosyncratic, sultry tone. With an irresistible atmosphere like this, there’s no doubt “Breathing” will make a worthy addition to your summer playlist.

With a few introductory breaths, the hook rings out: “Do you feel it breathing?” The beat drops and a whole slew of instruments pour out. Pianos, keyboards, drums, guitar, and bass lock into a solid, crisp groove. The vocalist carves out a shapely melody on top, often ornamented with doubles or effects. The vocal rhythm doesn’t mirror the instrumental, but instead compliments it, creating a web of glorious, gratifying notes. It verges on being rap for much of the song, although there’s a melodic contour to all of it. That’s just how syllabically impressive the lyrics are.

One of the best aspects of this song is the ad-lib-esque background vocals. Little falsetto countermelodies weave in and out of phrases, juxtaposed by deep, low doubles. Harmonies ebb and flow throughout. There are so many good moments facilitated by this one texture, it becomes the meat and potatoes of the song. You’ll leave with an appreciation for subtle vocal work.

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Written by Alyce Lindberg





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