“All On You” by Happy Curmudgeons

A song almost lost to time; Happy Curmudgeons released their single “All on You” available everywhere now. The single is a track from their upcoming second album 2nd Chances, to be released later this year. The band’s lead singer Jeff Warner originally wrote the song over twenty years before sharing it with the group. Once the whole band heard it they knew it was the perfect song to fit their vibe and sound.

“All On You” is a warm and organic song that flows through the listener’s ears. It is as if peace was bottled up and put on a track. Warner and background vocalist Amy Dixon-Lavery’s voices have beautiful chemistry and her addition to the track makes the love story on the song come to life.

The band takes inspiration from artists from Bob Dylan to The Beatles, but they come away with a sound that is all their own. The incorporation of renowned Cuban drummer Pepe Espinosa showcases nothing but talent and intention. The percussions of this song continue to highlight the natural and breezy way this song takes shape.

 Warner sings the lyrics, “Love Is Only Electricity In You Mind / In Your Mind / We Are Generators / So Divine,” and it is a unique and perfect way to describe love. The only shame was having this song sit locked away for over 20 years! However, the song ended up in the world and that is amazing!

When asked what the song means to him, Warner shared, “All On You is about a person accepting what their actions contribute to their life and fate. It is a song about how you effect those around you.”

So be sure to go and listen to Happy Curmudgeons’ “All On You” and keep an eye out for their second album 2nd Chances!

Reviewed by Katie Power





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