“King of My Own Heart” by Aaron Wylder

An artist that wears his heart on his sleeve, Aaron Wylder is back with his best work yet. The Canadian based songwriter released his EP King of My Own Heart, available everywhere now. Wylder is an electric live performer and an honest writer. He prides himself on his ever-changing sound but his long-standing goal: connecting with people. The project combines the best of americana, alt country, indie bluegrass, and folk rock.

The four song EP is sonically cohesive while each song has unique elements that stand out. The first track “Down on Dopamine” talks about just times when you are down on your luck. The fast picking of the guitar really pulls the americana inspiration. Wylder is able to sing with optimism despite the problems at hand. It is a clever way to talk about a problem everyone faces to some degree, bottling up the realest parts of feeling down on dopamine.

“Woman” and “Horseplay” sit at the middle of EP and touch on different aspects of Wylder’s life. “Woman” tackles a more mature topic and Wylder shares he is ready to find a real woman to be with, not just a girl. The track is a little more country and folkish – showcasing a more fun attitude from Wylder. While “Horseplay” was inspired by all the childish things Wylder did with his brothers growing up. A true anthem that ties in with the saying “boys will be boys.”

The final track “On Your Dreams” is Wylder convincing himself and the listener to keep fighting the good fight. Wylder sings, “Oh I’ve got this hope that this guitar will lift me off the ground / oh don’t give up.” This lyric is so beautifully said and shows Wylder’s commitment to his dreams and any independent musicians can resonate with this song. It is a standout on the EP and the perfect note to end on.

When asked about the songwriting on the EP, Wylder shared, “I try to write what I hear in my head and what I feel in my chest. If I’m able to make music that I enjoy and people enjoy it too then I’ll die a happy man.”

So go give King of My Own Heart a listen and find your favorite song now!

Reviewed by Katie Power





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