“I Should’ve Danced More” by Elina

“I Should’ve Danced More” by Elina is gloriously reflective. With sweet, delicate vocals and subtle instrumentation, the performance and production ooze vulnerability—but in combination with the message—this song will touch you in ways you can’t foresee. It’s rare you hear a song these days that nails every single aspect of its build, so it’s worth a little piece of your day to give this one a listen.

This agile, finger-picked acoustic pattern kicks the song off. “Is it day or is it night / Am I drunk or am I high? / Am I living?” Elina croons, the melody taking several unexpected yet gratifying turns. The melodic choices may well be the most intriguing part of the song. With each passing section, they ebb and flow with intense emotionality and creativity.

“I should’ve danced more / I should’ve taken all the chances,” the chorus arrives. This introspective moment easily resonates with pretty much any listener. Everyone has felt the notion that they missed out at some point, especially in the face of loss. Elina’s delivery of this theme is graceful, poignant, and overall incredibly effective.

Stay tuned for some reverb-drenched electric guitars and a whole slew of background vocals. Peppering in these last elements really ties a bow on the song and leaves the listener contented. If you love a folksy, melancholy tune, give this one a listen! Elina is clearly a wildly talented musician. Follow her on your choice of social media platform as well, so you can make sure to catch her next release!

Written by Alyce Lindberg




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