“Flatline” by Vince Spano

“Flatline” by Vince Spano is the high-energy pop-rock song of your dreams. Defined by raspy, emotive vocals and heavy instrumentation, this song makes an incredible dynamic impact. If you’re ever fantasizing about what a modern iteration of The Foo Fighters might sound like, look no further. Vince Spano takes influence from your favorite 90s and early-2000s groups, then adds his own twist to bring you something truly special.

Some distorted feedback culminates in a feverish barrage of power chords and drum hits. They suddenly fade to a verse: “Yeah, I’ll push back my struggles / As it goes on / And we’ll get into trouble / As the night goes on.” Vince’s deep vocal timbre vivifies the melancholy excitement of the lyrics. The melody mimics the guitar riff for the first half of each phrase but then departs as the band explodes in a wall of fuzz and distortion for the second half.

The chorus consists of similar instrumentation (although the drums certainly lay on the crash cymbal a bit more), but the vocal rocket into the stratosphere. Vince’s belt is incredibly impassioned, therefore, incredibly effective. Not to mention, the lush harmonies behind his voice give this section a little color.

Stay tuned for some breakdowns and a climactic ending! If you like heavier alternative rock, this song will doubtlessly pique your interest. Give Vince Spano a follow on your choice of social media platform, and “Flatline” a listen on your choice of streaming service! You’ll be glad you did.

Written by Alyce Lindberg




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