“Changing Tides” by The Venus Figurines

Distorted guitars with real lyrics, The Venus Figurines have released their single “Changing Tides” from their EP of the same name. The four-piece group formed while in college and is known for their energetic live performances. The Venus Figurines are heavily inspired by prog rock, alt-rock, and pop punk. They uniquely weave a variety of sounds and influences to make one that is like no other. The group stands out from the crowd in a new, exciting way and will surely have fans adding this track to their rock and roll playlists.

From the jump “Changing Tides” has a fun and memorable guitar lick that continues through the verses. The visual lyrics in the song are strong like, “I will cut you out from under my skin / as the ocean’s changing tides.” The Venus Figurines lean into the ocean beach sound while still tying in a heavy rock influence.

What starts as a very relaxed song builds intensity with heavy electric guitars and screamo like vocals. It is unexpected but adds an element of surprise and pay off for such a large build. The originality of their sound is obvious and exciting.

When asked about what the song means to them, The group shared, “Changing Tides” is about When asked about what the song means to them, The group shared, “Changing Tides” is not your stereo typical “I miss you, I want you back” break-up song, it’s an “I’m thankful that you were a part of my life, you made me a better person” song.”

So be sure to stream both the single and EP for Changing Tides available everywhere now!

Written by Katie Power





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