“Egyptian Summer” by Good Strangers

Irish-based Indie folk rock band Good Strangers’ new single, “Egyptian Summer,” is a hard-hitting, ultra-catchy track. The song is accompanied by a nostalgic instrumental that will pull at the heartstrings and leave a mark on anyone listening. Expressive vocals, lyrics, and a captivating instrumental make “Egyptian Summer” the ultimate song to yell-sing along to for those nights when you want to drive with the windows down or just lay down and absorb the compelling lyrics and poignant aurora of the track. 

“Egyptian Summer” is one of those songs that evoke emotion immediately with just the instrumental. One can feel the heart-rending atmosphere that the track possesses, and the song does a fantastic job of highlighting what music is all about: bringing listeners together with the powerful emotions we all share. 

Good Strangers is comprised of long-time friends and lead singers Niamh Kirby and Conor Quinn, Des Brodie on drums and beats, Luke Butt on bass, and Kevin Farrell on guitar. Kirby and Quinn have been friends since the age of three and formed the band in 2022 when they moved back home to Berlin. Once Kevin, Des, and Luke joined Good Strangers, the raw and unique sound that the group dominates has only expanded. 

“Egyptian Summer” is a song that I, for one, won’t stop listening to this summer or for the rest of the year for that matter. The band has the perfect mix of modern along with influences of old-school rock that not many bands encompass today. 

Listen to “Egyptian Summer,” which is Good Strangers’ debut single, out now on all major music streaming platforms.

Written by Melissa Cusano







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