“Blind Man’s Daughter” by Kyhell

Kyhell is here with “Blind Man’s Daughter” and we are placed easily under a spell of tranquility while listening.

We love every part of this track, it’s slow but steady start and the balance of the pace. The band comes together to blow listeners out of the water, and they give us the feeling that we are falling up, and we don’t ever want to come down.

These Albuquerque, New Mexico natives started in 2012, and the founder of the band Ashley Wolfe brought the project to life in 2022 and she continued to believe that this was something that could be brought to life. (And she was right!)

In just the few months between November 2022 and February 2023 the album ‘Sundressed’ was completed. BMD (Blind Man’s Daughter) has created a cutting edge, melodic progressive metal sound that is entirely new yet has deep ties to progressive rock and metal music history.”

The band continues on by saying, “Ashley’s lyrics and vocals convey complex emotion with lyrical depth, clarity of thought and surprising feeling. The music is progressive and heavy yet also combines to become a style that is compelling and unique.”

This is certainly a band to look out for, as they have so much more to say. 

Make sure you follow Kyhell on their socials (listed below), and stay tuned for what they have in store next.

Our personal favorite line: “Oh/ how my sight is the galaxy/ how many lights and nebula untangle time/ so long/ starlight.”

Reviewed by Demornay Bester




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