“Blue” by Ethan Russell

Dream pop artist Ethan Russell is back with a sad yet fun-loving song about falling in love with a friend. The track, titled “Blue,” describes falling for someone who will never like you back and all those crazy emotions that one goes through. We’ve all been there, and it usually doesn’t end well. Being part of the LGBTQ+ community, Russell has had an even harder time with having crushes on friends, as he knows they will likely never reciprocate the feeling. Although this is a rather dire situation to be in, Ethan uses upbeat vocals and an infectious beat to perfectly encapsulate gaining feelings for a friend and, if he should tell them: a tale as old as time.

Pennsylvania native Ethan Russell grew up in the local music scene, so it’s no surprise that he made a name for himself rather quickly. By 2015, Ethan was teaching himself how to write and produce music all on his own in his tiny bedroom. Being so young, Ethan already has an impressive resume of songs under his belt, having many singles and EPs from the past five years. His debut single, “Circles,” highlighted his innate talent for songwriting and making a captivating melody. Following “Circles” was his album, “Not So Flawless,” which only cemented his unique sound even more. 

With “Blue” and his other music, Ethan makes it essential to talk about taboo topics of being an LGBTQ+ person and all the uncomfortable situations that one goes through. Still, he talks about these situations in an appealing, lively manner.  

Ethan Russell is someone to look for in the bedroom/dream pop scene, as he is just getting started. 

Written by Melissa Cusano





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