“A Little Off” by Matthew Gray and The Arrogant Sea

Find yourself being captivated by the sounds of Matthew Gray and The Arrogant Sea with their new single “A Little Off” available now. This is the second single from the band’s forthcoming EP If You Find Yourself Floating Away which will be coming out on September 1st. The indie folk band has been creating music for over two decades, creating and perfecting a sound that is all their own. They are credited for putting on memorable live shows, with electricity that leaves fans in awe of the group’s abilities and energy. The band consists of: Matthew Gray (vocals/lyrics), Blake Vickrey (Bass), Tony Whitlock (Electric Guitar), Hagen Hauschild (Drums), and Pablo Alzate (Acoustic guitar/classical).

“A Little Off” is a perfect example of how Matthew Gray and the Arrogant Sea stay relevant yet unique. Despite having influences like The Flaming Lips and Modest Mouse, this song would fit perfectly between a Phoebe Bridgers and Noah Kahan song. The song is gentle; it has a layering of vocals, and the flute is a standout choice to have one of the leading elements of the song. The message talks going through the changes of a relationship, and how beautiful it can be to leave them behind.

The most memorable lyrics are, “I need a maid like I need a mountain.” It has that alliteration, repetition, and simplicity. It says so much but leaves so much open. The buildup is beautiful, and it would definitely be one of those electric moments from the concert. It is a gorgeous line to drive home and leave with the listener. It is a great reminder of what versus need. Gray’s songwriting is simply yet intricate and is truly captivating to watch. The band that he has by his side create a peaceful fun world to watch.

When asked about the message they wanted to share with this song, Gray shared, “we wanted the song to explore the profound beauty of shedding relationships that no longer serve us, while fearlessly embracing the unknown.”

So be sure to go listen to “A Little Off”now and stream the whole LP If You Find Yourself Floating Away on September 1st!

Written by Katie Power





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