“Symptoms” by Katie Belle

“Symptoms” by Katie Belle is a devilishly clever metaphor for infatuation set against a backdrop of crisp instrumentation, delicate vocals, and infectious arrangement. With a voice practically designed for pop music, Katie describes the throws of romantic interest like they’re diagnosable ailments. It’s a lyric that’s just thought-provoking enough to grip your attention, but not so convoluted that it distracts from the music. This tried-and-true semantic formula never fails to bring us the best, most delectable pop music.

An acoustic guitar opens the song with a rhythmic set of ghost notes. “When you run your fingers through my hair / And you get so close you breathe my air / Now I kinda want to start a war / I know I’ll be coming back for more,” Katie croons a shapely melody. Fuzzy synth pads and acrobatic harmonies ornament the verse, eventually taking more of a leading role for the pre-chorus. The end of this anticipatory section leaves us with a whisper: “I can’t stop it.” Drums and bass suddenly erupt from the mix, accompanying an incredibly climactic hook. Every other word is a cheeky re-packaging of medical jargon steeped in lust and sultry obsession. Not to mention, the melody itself is enticing enough.

If you’re in the market for a new pop artist to obsess over, you couldn’t do better than Katie Belle. Be sure to give her a follow on your choice of social media platform, and a listen on your choice of streaming service! You’ll be so glad you did.

Written by Alyce Lindberg





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