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“Standing Still” by Ethan Senger

It’s very admirable when musicians crack open scars in their music because it avails other people bereft of guidance while dealing with similar situations as the artist.

“Standing Still” by Ethan Senger, an Atlanta-based musician, is the last song and title of his already-released four-track EP and addresses stagnation and the hindrance of living in an au courant generation.

Specifically, the hardships of living independently of what the cyber world deems the right way to live. Senger repulses that notion and unleashes a beautiful vocal run to encourage, “You gotta live your life / Don’t be scared if it feels so right.”

With a vocal style akin to country singer Hunter Hayes, Senger is purposefully smooth in delivering his message of going after what you want before time runs out.

“Standing Still” is a freeing song with airy harmonies and a beautiful instrumental breakdown where the bridge is and comprises a perfect balance of the band and singer.

The track ends abruptly, leaving you wanting more, but thankfully, there’s a repeat button.

“Standing Still” isn’t the only incredible track on the record. Along with the title track, “Something To Write About” and “Our Game” were superbly composed and worth checking out, especially the aforementioned one (“Something To Write About”) because of how relatable and relevant it is.

If you liked “Standing Still,” the song and EP, you’re more than welcome to check out Senger’s former works through your desired music streaming platform. You can click below to follow the musician on his social media platforms.

Written by Taylor Berry

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