“You” by Sarah Orton

“You” by Sarah Orton is a sultry, groovy track full of unexpected turns. A rhythmic departure from the often shoe-gazey, soft fabric of indie pop music, this song invites elements of retro funk into its arrangement. The crisp, almost disco-like drum pattern underpins a whole slew of brilliant melodies and harmonies. Not to mention, Sarah’s warm, raspy voice really complements the atmosphere of the entire thing. You’ll be genuinely delighted by the unique sense of soul this song manages to muster.

The drum beat invites us in—suddenly we’re immersed in organ, guitar, and bass. Each different motif comes together to create the illusion of one, syncopated, extremely catchy motif. Bass and percussion persist through the verse, allowing the vocals to take center stage. “You wonder where we’re going,” Sarah’s voice rumbles in a low register. The chords create these delicate, ingenious phrasings that give us steady momentum toward the chorus. Once it arrives, the tension is palpable. Each dramatic, descending melody just takes your breath away. The way this section is written satisfies any anticipation you could’ve had with elegance, effortlessness, and immense intrigue.

Be sure to give “You” a listen on your choice of streaming service and Sarah Orton a follow on your choice of social media platform! This track is truly a gem. Nothing will prepare you for the wealth of textures and ideas it hosts. It’s such a refreshing take on a rather busy genre and a catalyst for innovation. You’ll be glad you learned about this versatile artist!

Written by Alyce Lindberg




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