“True Story (Full of Lies)” by XY GALA

London UK’s Xy Gala is back with a new single, “True Story (Full of Lies),” a compelling, hard-hitting track delving into the artist’s mind. The track has a moody, dark instrumental accompanied by Xy’s profound lyrics about deep-rooted insecurities, friendships, and overthinking. With all of these puzzle pieces put together, the song is highly captivating. Fans of mumble rap with heartfelt lyrics will love the emotion that Xy brings to the forefront in this truly alluring single. 

“True Story (Full of Lies)” begins strong with an ultra-catchy and somewhat foreboding instrumental. Next is Xy Gala’s vocals, which are deep and dark, not to mention highly compelling. The gripping lyrics about his fast-paced life and his constant overthinking of everything are something that all listeners can relate to. These taboo topics in the song are important to discuss, and Xy does it flawlessly and creatively.

Something riveting about “True Story (Full of Lies)” is that both the instrumental and lyrics tell a story. Just listening to the instrumental, one can feel the intensity of Xy’s mind, and as the song continues, this intensity only builds more. Xy Gala effortlessly switches from rapping to singing in the chorus, showcasing his undeniable talent. 

The song ends with a theatrical-like tune, with Xy’s vocals shining through. It is truly the perfect way to end this hard-hitter with a calming demeanor. Take a listen to Xy Gala’s new single, “True Story (Full of Lies),” out today on all major music streaming platforms. 

Written by Melissa Cusano


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