“Good Trouble” by Masha

Masha is back again with a new single “Good Trouble” and it’s a fast paced, catchy love trip that we are simply addicted to. 

Masha accomplished well balanced instrumentals that really showcase her talent vocally.

Good Trouble” is fun and honest. Masha has a swiftness to her that is mesmerizing and eye-opening.

This track is perfect for those who have been in a relationship that has been one-sided, and they are finally growing into who they were meant to be. “Good Trouble” is an anthem that will never die.

Masha had this to say about her new single, “Good Trouble is my first release in over a year where I am focusing on a new sound. I have always written my music in a very usual format of chords on the piano or guitar, then start humming along to find a catchy melody, and then find a topic that feels right for the song and start writing.”

She continued on by saying, “Good Trouble has live instrumentation (guitar played by Didi Nicolaou, keys by Steven Holmes, and bass by Louis Robinson) and these elements really stand out in the song.”

We love that Masha walked us through her steps of creating a song, and how her creative side really shines through her lyrics. 

We cannot wait to hear what Masha has coming up next.

Make sure you follow Masha on all of her socials (listed below) and look out for new content and music.

Our personal favorite line: “It’s my turn to do whatever I want.”

Reviewed by Demornay Bester






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