“fool” by Melanie Pierce

Melanie Pierce is back again with a new single titled “fool” and we cannot help but to drown ourselves inside of the mystical sound and lyrics.

M. Pierce does wonders by creating visuals with her voice inside our heads (and we never want them to leave). 

“fool”is dark, honest, relatable and makes us want to look out of a stormy window.

Melanie describes this track by saying “this song was written about being encapsulated by a deep core knowledge and an extraordinary love/ compatibility with all of the lustful feelings associated with that.”

We can’t help but think that these lyrics were made for us. This new single also shines a light on the darker side of love, and we can hear that (and feel it) within the instrumentals being used.

“Fool” makes us think of a love that cannot be explained, because it has so many different meanings and emotions attached. M.P is able to form these feelings into a song that will forever live in our heads. Lyrics like “you kiss my mouth and I’m frozen” make us think of a relationship that transfixes, and maybe even manipulates (at some point).

“Fool” reminds us of love and how it can be tricky, surprising, and exciting. This single is a piece of romance that you want and a bite of  provoking thrill that you need.

Make sure you follow Melanie Pierce on all of her socials (listed below) and check out her other singles such as, “Flame” and “Your Grave”. Also, be sure to look out for her new EP that is set to be released this October.

Our personal favorite line: “So terrified you’ll disappear/ might make it happen.” & “Hand on my neck/ the other is exploring” & “Your sun and my moon are twins”

Reviewed by Demornay Bester








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