“Addicted” by Jessica Phelan

It’s heartbreaking when the person you love desires fugacious bliss over you. What’s most harrowing is your efforts to evince real love and joy to become their principal source of happiness are neglected and dismissed.

“Just a single mom writing sad songs,” San Diego singer-songwriter Jessica Phelan put the aforementioned feeling into perspective in her latest record, “Addicted.”

Jessica didn’t hold back in her lyricisms, meticulously choosing relative phrases to connect with her audience.

“Wish I could get you high like the joints you love smoking / Never leave the house without keeping me close to your heart.”

Heartbroken, Jessica uses the heartbreaker’s addictions to stress her longing for him to direct his addiction to things that provide temporary bliss toward her. Chase her like his dependences!

“Wish I could be that enticing / Wish I had a hold on you like any of your vices / call me an angel then you say goodbye so easy / I wish you were addicted me.”

Jessica’s soulful, poignant vocals hold a lot of passion and emotion, convincing the listener that the song is personal to the singer without knowing her vis-à-vis. That’s what makes a true artist.

“Addicted” is a beautiful piece with so much power to help those in similar situations. Instrumentally, it carries this superb authentic Nashville country tune, rendering the piece more intimate and emotional.

Jessica began pursuing music professionally during the 2020 COVID pandemic, releasing her first single, “River,” in 2021.

She has another track called “Don’t Hurt Me” (2022).

Check out “Addicted” on your preferred music streaming platform and follow Jessica on her social media accounts. Also, check out the acoustic version of the track.

Written by Taylor Berry

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