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Two years after dropping his 2021 album, Wake, UK-based musician Colouring (né Jack Kenworthy) dropped a new track titled “Lune” last month.

As the saying (or song) goes, “Two is better than one.” Colouring couldn’t agree more, as evident in “Lune,” where he confesses that his lover’s presence helps him navigate his adversities.

With a soft drum in the background and intimate piano notes, the European singer doubts his existence without his lover. He hits us with a smooth “Ooo” and transitions to the chorus, asserting he’s making it because of his other half.

“For me, this is the song about teamwork in a relationship,” Colourig stated. “It’s a message of togetherness between two people during adversity and how you prop each other up when the other feels weak.”

Although ugly, adversity can draw two people closer, leading to an ever-blooming love or relationship. It’s rather beautiful and genius of Colouring to remind people of that since we live in a world engulfed in the idea that separation is dire when the going gets rough.

“Lune” is a compelling piece with a charming and intimate tune, inviting one to meditate on Colouring’s culturally defying message. The variegated melodies and breezy and wistful harmonies are alluring.

According to Colouring’s team, his forthcoming sophomore album is in the works and should be one of his most compelling and personal collections of works.

For those in the London area interested in seeing Colouring perform live, he’s headlining a show at the St Pancras Old Church. Click here to buy tickets!

Check out Colouring’s work, including “Lune,” on your desired music streaming platform. And follow the UK artist on his socials.

Written by Taylor Berry

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