“Peony Blossom” by Double Triangle

Spacey, mesmerizing, and beautiful are all words to describe electronic chillwave artist Double Triangle’s new track, “Peony Blossom.” Sounding like it belongs in a sci-fi fantasy or horror film, “Peony Blossom” is genuinely hypnotic, creating an alluring atmosphere for those listening. 

“Peony Blossom” starts strong and continues to get stronger throughout. The first half of the song’s instrumental includes minor keys, giving an almost anxiety-inducing feeling to listeners. When this sci-fi, tension-building track appears to be at its height, Double Triangle competely does a 180. The once slow-building track becomes a dance song. Sounding like a mix of 80s club music with a hint of a foreboding melody, “Peony Blossom” is the perfect track to start your spooky season with.

Released two weeks before Halloween, “Peony Blossom” is the perfect accompaniment for your Halloween party, pregames, or even to vibe to on a late-night adventure. If Stranger Things were on for another season, “Peony Blossom” would be the ideal soundtrack for it. The captivating song will be a hit amongst 80s babies and electronic music lovers alike. 

Start your Friday strong with this uplifting and oh-so-catchy song, “Peony Blossom,” now. The song is out today and is available on all major music streaming platforms! Play it at your Halloween party this weekend; you won’t regret the enthralling atmosphere that it creates!

Written by Melissa Cusano








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