“After Life” by John Puchiele Ensemble

Toronto’s John Puchiele Ensemble is out with their 6th album, “After Life,” which, as the title may suggest, feels like a journey to the “next world,” whether that’s heaven, nirvana, or paradise. Spacey, a bit foreboding, but extraordinary and beautiful are just a few words to describe this exceptional work of art. Although no one quite knows what this final trip of our lifetime will feel like, we can only hope for the overall peacefulness that “After Life” possesses.

The album consists of nine soothing and spacious tracks that can each be classified as different levels of traveling to our final destination. The songs, in order, are “Depart,” which is slow yet uplifting; following this is “Liminary to the Otherside,” a much more fast-paced and somewhat anxiety-inducing track, almost as to make the listener feel all the emotions one feels as they leave this world. The third track on the album, “Ophanim,” is the complete opposite of the previous track, as it is absolute tranquility. 

Following “Ophanim” is “Short Darkness,” possibly highlighting the short amount of stress and anxiety that one feels, then “The Plain of Forever,” which may be showcasing the very moment that we are thrown into the forever that is the afterlife. “Transcendence” feels dazed yet calming simultaneously, and then “Seraphim” arrives with a beautiful melody that captivates the listener. Seraphim means “…an angelic being, regarded in traditional Christian angelology as belonging to the highest order of the ninefold celestial hierarchy”. This definition makes sense as the song feels incredibly angelic. The last two songs, “After Life” and “Tetragrammaton,” showcase the finality of going to the afterlife and the complete serenity that will transpire.

“After Life” is truly like nothing out today. It is hard to come by an album that is entirely instrumental yet gives off so much emotion. Do yourself a favor and listen to John Puchiele Ensemble’s “After Life” today. The album is available on all major music streaming platforms. 

Written by Melissa Cusano


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