“Lobster Knife Fight” by The Cookie Jar Complot

Luxembourg’s post-rock instrumental group The Cookie Jar Complot’s latest EP, “Lobster Knife Fight,” is a hard-hitting, mesmerizing showcase of their distinct sound. Consisting of eight melodic yet blunt tracks, “Lobster Knife Fight” highlights the band’s uncompromising way of creating music. Each track is unique; some are quieter and soothing, while others have a much harsher, hard-core feel. 

The Cookie Jar Complot consists of duo Sven Schmeler and Gilles Glesener, while for live shows, amazing artists Philipp Colling (bass) and Miko Buraczyk (guitar) join. The band has already played over thirty shows in the past two years and have garnered 4,500 streams in just a month for their single, “Birds are a Lie”. They also surpassed over 20,000 views on their self-produced live sessions on YouTube for numerous songs. 

The EP begins with a personal favorite, “Beaver Deceiver,” which, although it has no lyrics, feels like a punch to the gut (in a good way). Starting strong with this guitar-heavy song, “Beaver Deceiver” goes through different phases. While the first half has an upbeat melody, about halfway through and toward the end, the melody becomes a bit more heavy and dark. Following this is “Cicades,” which has a similar way of telling a story with no lyrics, with an emotionally heavy instrumental. 

Tracks following include “Villabajo” and “Pigeon Slayer,” which are slow-building yet extremely ruthless and intense once they reach their peak. The guitar playing is remarkable, highlighting the band’s innate talent. While the EP begins with such a potent emergency, it ends with the cinematic piece, “LLTAOS,” which is a serene conclusion.

Other tracks include “Birds are a Lie,” with numerous guitar solos and a fierce ending; “Tilldin Zidane” is drum-heavy, while “Bats, Bringers of the Night” is a harmonious and tranquil track, being a masterful way of balancing the EP as a whole.

Take a listen to The Cookie Jar Complot’s “Lobster Knife Fight” today, available on all major music streaming platforms. 

Written by Melissa Cusano


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