“Insomnia” by Matt Alter

Artist Matt Alter’s new song “Insomnia” is trippy, nostalgic, and the ultimate addition to your next party. Its upbeat yet somewhat creepy instrumental, vocals and singable chorus make for a perfect track for the upcoming Halloween weekend. Fans of 80s rock will also love the old-school feel of this unique track.

“Insomnia” is the first single off Matt’s upcoming album, “Did I Offend You?” set to be released on December 15th. Matt’s vocal range throughout the song is shown; during verses, his voice is low, eerie, and monster-like, whereas when the chorus arrives, his voice becomes much more elevated and amusing to listeners.

Although the track isn’t necessarily a Halloween song, it has a sentimental feeling reminiscent of old-school Halloween music, such as “Monster Mash” or “Dead Man’s Party” by Oingo Boingo. This is because they all have an ideal mix of spooky and fun.

“Insomnia,” as the title suggests, is about not being able to fall asleep. Matt is a remarkable artist and a surgeon, so he has his fair share of sleepless nights. According to him, Insomnia is “…like an unwanted mistress that would visit nightly and climb into bed with me and my wife. An odd menas a trois.” Using this taboo topic many deal with, Matt created an exhilarating track about the never-ending restlessness. With this small idea, he executed an extraordinarily catchy and entertaining song.

Take a listen to “Insomnia” today, available on all major music streaming platforms! 

Written by Melissa Cusano


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