“Stuff Is Happening (Within a Beatdenker’s Day, Haha)” by Beatdenker

Berlin’s electronic artist Beatdenker’s new EP, “Stuff Is Happening (Within a Beatdenker’s Day, Haha),” is guaranteed to be like nothing you’ve ever heard. Yes, this is something we’ve all been told repeatedly about new artists, but it rings accurate within Beatdenker’s unique sound. Unique isn’t even the right word to describe their music, as it is beyond unique in the best way possible.

 “Stuff Is Happening,” in a nutshell, is a story about what a day would look like when you do something spontaneous. According to Beatdenker, when creating this track, he thought: “In what forms can creativity, improvisation, and freedom exist? …If you take these questions further, you usually come to the questions of who am I, what is the meaning of life, and what is consciousness? None of these questions can and will be answered by this music. Nevertheless, it wants to give an impulse to ask them time and time again and to pursue them.” 

Within Beatdenker’s avant-garde music, the listener will ask themselves many different questions, including “What type of music am I listening to?” which seeps deeper into questions about life. What is music classified as even? What makes something music, and what makes something “experimental” music? In every way possible, Beatdenker would be considered an experimental artist, as he brings something new to the table that has never been done before.

“Stuff Is Happening” combines different sounds, instruments, and melodies that are uniquely deconstructed. It switches from beats to sounds that wouldn’t be categorized as instruments, yet all work together. 

“Stuff Is Happening” was created in a day. Beatdenker is a guitarist, composer, and producer. While making the EP, Beatdenker was responsible for virtual synthesizers (midi keyboard), drums (finger drumming), instant arranging, granular synthesis, effects, mixing, and mastering.

Written by Melissa Cusano








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