“Disenchantment at a Distance ” by Paul Bibbins

Dallas, Texas’s Paul Bibbin’s new EP, “Disenchantment at a Distance,” is a blast from the past in the best way possible. Reminiscent of old-school guitar-heavy music such as Jimmy Hendrix and Led Zeppelin, Bibbin’s music is unique and modern at the same time. Consisting of four catchy and uplifting tracks, “Disenchantment at a Distance” is guaranteed to have something for listeners of all ages and backgrounds.

Paul Bibbins is a singer-songwriter/guitarist from Dallas, Texas. Being an independent solo artist, Bibbins is responsible for writing, vocals, and guitar playing in all of his music. It is no surprise that he has been playing guitar and writing songs for decades, as his remarkable talent shines through heavily within his music. 

The EP begins strong with “Bold, Beautiful… and Long Gone!” a 60s-esque hard-hitting track with dips and turns at every corner. It starts heavy with an intense guitar opening and effortlessly changes pace throughout while still keeping a steady flow. Bibbin’s vocals add a calm and relaxing tone to the track. Following this is “Thrill Walk,” which has a much more bold and blunt sound right away. Unlike the opening song, the guitar and drums are at the forefront in “Thrill Walk,” showcasing the insane talent that Bibbin possesses. 

“Disenchantment at a Distance (in need of a good song)” is the third track off the EP, which feels like an excellent combination of the first two songs. Still guitar-heavy but also highlighting Bibbin’s mesmerizing vocals, this song is assured to be a fan favorite. The final song, “Vista Valley Drift,” is a heavy hit and the ultimate conclusion to this uncompromising EP. The song showcases Bibbin’s guitar skills the most, with the song basically being a four-minute guitar solo and an exceptionally fun one at that. 

Check out Paul Bibbin’s ”Disenchantment at a Distance”, available now on most major music streaming platforms!

Written by Melissa Cusano


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