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“Hermit Phase” by Doug McArthur

It’s time for the world to know about sagacious Canadian musician Doug MacArthur and his tonic perspective on the reclusive lifestyle in his second single, “Hermit Phase,” which debuted on Aug. 23, 2023.

With a breezy and liberating feel, “Hermit Phase” invites the world to Doug’s charming vocals, accompanied by colorful and warm guitar licks, before driving to the pre-chorus containing sonically pleasing dynamics.

The haunting backing vocals elevate the moment in the bridge.

A glimpse of the song title leads to the assumption that the song would carry this dark and depressed sound — a hermit has a negative connotation because people associate it with loneliness and constraining thoughts and feelings — however, Doug shuts that notion down in the repeated chorus.

“No, I don’t feel lonely / ‘Cause every time I’m feeling alone / I can just look outside.”

“Hermit Phase” is Doug affirming his content with isolation. He celebrates the beauty of isolation, highlighting freedom, peace, quiet and independence.

He can be in tune with the earth and her beauty.

It’s not a bad idea, one this world should embrace.

The haunting backing vocals elevate the moment in the bridge.

It’s a spectacular and insightful piece.

“Hermit Phase” is Doug’s sophomore single, following his debut “Draw the Line.” The two singles are a great start for the rising musician, and we can’t wait to see where he goes.

Check out “Hermit Phase” on your preferred music streaming service and follow the singer-songwriter on his socials to see his next music endeavors.

Written by Taylor Berry

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