“Staying In” by Super Saiyan Jay

Super Saiyan Jay is here to take his spot as one of our favorite musicians, his new single, “Staying In” is filled with heavy bass and chill tones. 

On this track S.S. Jay admits that more times than others, he’d prefer to be in his own space, he reminds us of how at peace he feels and how he doesn’t mind.

There is something that so many of us can learn from these simplistic lyrics: It’s good to be alone, and it’s good to be comfortable with yourself.

From the start of the single, S.S. Jay opens up about day dreaming and looking at the clouds and how he’d like it if the sun came out, but he doesn’t mind because he’s not headed out.

These are feelings we all have faced, wanting to go somewhere but either not wanting to be in the effort or just completely changing our minds.

Here are a few words from Super Saiyan Jay about his new single, “Staying In”, “This song is a nice, laid back, and mellow approach for me and this single. This song is pretty much [about] finding a need to escape into your own reality and being at peace with that. The mind is a powerful thing and sometimes we don’t have the want or the need to interact in a social setting.”

He continues on by saying “this song is for those that take that time to stay inside and escape into their own realities, rather than the one we presently live in. In short, catch a vibe in the crib. It’s lit at home.”

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Our personal favorite line: “Going through my phone/ vibing to my songs/ this my comfort zone”

Written by Demornay Bester





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