“Christmas Is The Right Time For Us” by Brian Berggoetz and Alison Wahl

The desert of Tucson Arizona might feel like an odd place to associate with a white Christmas, but it was there that Brian Berggoetz crafted and recorded his newest holiday classic “Christmas Is The Right Time For Us” with the help of collaborator Alison Wahl. 

The song is not just a message delivered from an artist to an audience, but rather a window into a conversation between two people enamored by one another hoping the spirit of the holidays might be just the motivation they need to act on the love they both so clearly feel deep inside their hearts.

The song begins with Berggoetz heartily strumming an optimistic tune on an acoustic guitar. Wahl’s breathy soprano voice comes in soon after and the song takes flight. From her first lyrics “It’s that time of the year for you and me, it feels like love is just meant to be” this song just makes you dream that it will have a happy ending.

Throughout the piece, we feel drawn to the characters’ stories, all able to relate to the message that “love is just enough.” It truly is a holiday piece that refuses to stray from the values the season should represent and rejects the superficial commodities that overshadow the love that should be valued above anything else.

As the song enters its last verse, we get the resolve we were waiting for and the two start to refer to themselves as a pair with lyrics like “Smiles come easy for you and me under the city lights everyone can see.” It leaves you with a warm feeling and an inspiration to take that leap during a time when anything should feel possible.

Written by Nick Gumas





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