December Music Discoveries

We at Rising Artists could not let December slip by without sharing this collection of tracks with you. Before the clock strikes midnight on 2023 for the final time, have a listen to these new tracks:

Knot Hole Music – The Detour Around The Apple Tree

Echoes of cascading keys and weary vocals generate the sleepy ambiance of “The Detour Around The Apple Tree” by Knot Hole Music. The whole song exists in a subduing, yet dreamy soundscape.

shy-c – out of my head

“out of my head” is the new single by Singaporean indie pop artist, shy-c. After setting the table with dashes of digital blips dripping across the melody, “out of my head” unleashes a vibrant synth explosion to awaken your senses.

Shaan Kambli – Denim Blues

“Denim Blues,” the new single by Shaan Kambli, is a lovesick pop ballad. Kambli’s majestically high vocal range is magnetic.

Casper Caan – Hearts Are Opening Up

“Hearts all over the world are opening up” is the central mantra of Casper Caan’s pop rock single, “Hearts Are Opening Up.” These seven simple words embedded in Caan’s chorus are a call to cast aside the veil of divisiveness that shrouds our day-to-day lives.

Jessie Berkshires – Testify

From the get-go, “Testify,” the latest single by Jessie Berkshires, you have the sneaking suspicion that you’re about to venture into a villain’s lair in a horror movie. Palpitating synth and resounding bass beats increasingly heighten the tension and subsequent anxiety.

Tyra Jutai – Whose Side Are You On

Singer Tyra Jutai has a captivating lilt to her vocals on her new single, “Whose Side Are You On.” Vocally, Jutai is subtly reminiscent of Macy Gray in style, but in a more sly manner.

Plume – Love Is Pain

“Love Is Pain,” the debut single by Dutch singer Plume, is in the mold of a heartrending ballad. On the closing note, Plume leaves listeners to ponder “is it true that love is pain?”

Gustavo Galindo – Broken Things

Kintsugi is the Japanese method of cementing cracked pottery with gold. Singer-songwriter Gustavo Galindo was influenced by this technique as the basis for his new single, “Broken Things,” which opens with: “In Japan, they fix broken things with gold.”

After Berlin – Five Days

“Five Days,” the new single by French indie pop act, After Berlin, is a cavalcade of ambient and moody synth, giving way to a chill bass beat. Altogether, “Five Days” is a moderately contemplative cut that levels you out.

Tim Hayn – Autumn Moon

One of the highlights of “Autumn Moon” by singer-songwriter Tim Hayn is the dazzling piano interlude after the track’s 2:30 mark. The twinkling keys of this breakdown comprise this compelling segment of “Autumn Moon.”

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