“Charcoal” by Cowboy Clean

Bassist and multi-instrumentalist Matt Leibowitz’s debut single “Charcoal” from his solo project Cowboy Clean is a chillwave track showcasing his diverse talent. Being known for being the bassist for bands such as Caverns, Drager, Prison, and Donald Cumming (The Virgins), Cowboy Clean is Leibowitz’s journey to self-discovery as both an artist and person. Fans of synth-pop/rock with nostalgic characteristics of old-school indie music will love the aurora that “Charcoal” radiates. 

“Charcoal,” on a musical front, consists of mesmerizing instrumental and beautiful vocals, but the track itself is much more than just how it sounds. As mentioned earlier, “Charcoal” also represents a growth in Leibowitz’s musical and personal journey. His way of creating a modern track yet still having 90s/early 2000s indie rock influences highlights his musical skills and how he can use multiple genres to create an innate, unique song. 

The instrumental in “Charcoal” consists of subtle drumming and alluring guitar. His deep vocals are powerful yet still vulnerable, not shouting at the listener, but making them hear what he has to say. Leibowitz’s profound lyrics give an outlook on his current thoughts; The lyrics “This is my ghost” are repeatedly heard throughout the track, possibly referring to the end of one journey and onto the next trek of his life.

What is the ghost being mentioned multiple times, and why is it such a massive part of this track? Something unique about music is that it is all up to interpretation, and every listener can have a different meaning for what their ghost is to them. 

Take a listen to “Charcoal” today, and be on the lookout for more music from Cowboy Clean in 2024!

Written by Melissa Cusano


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