“Trust” is a force to be reckoned with. This song comprises of such a unique production heavy journey that is constantly filled with surprises along the way. Devansh really taps into his production genius by adding in an array of guitar instrumentals, soft drum solos, and integration of voices and objects that give a mystery to the song.

Devansh has such a way of captivating his audience through a dynamic indie based bed of beats intertwined with soft soul. I personally loved the collision of the instrumentals and how they merged with the dynamics of his vocals. Although “Trust” is not a lyrical heavy song, the message is strong enough to convey through the few verses presented.

“Trust” says a lot by saying a little. Devansh speaks more through the production than in his lyrical journey but for a reason. The instrumentals are able to convey the story just as well as lyrics could. His decision to stay simple lyrically really pays off with the few lines that he does have. He speaks to how love is all about trust. If you don’t have trust, then you don’t have the solid core that turns into a relationship. In questioning the idea of trust, he questions the idea of what love really means. He pays tribute to the feeling of wondering if you will ever be enough. The simplicity of this storytelling really puts the listener into deeper thought. In all seriousness, it is quite brilliant and hard to achieve. A song with not many lyrics can sometimes face confusion when connecting with and audience, but this is not the case in “Trust”.

When this song was finished, I had the thought – “what did I just listen to?”. But in the best way possible. That’s when you know that you have really tapped into something. Both from the artist and to the listener.

Devansh is not only a master at his artistry but also relays such confidence within his music. You can feel that each beat was specially chosen to mesh together with the rest. Each one had a reason as to why Devansh put it in the song. I loved feeling a part of his creative process just by listening to it.

This one is truly a vibe from start to finish.

Written by Tricia Patras

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