“Pity Party” by Evan Kreutz

Evan Kreutz starts off his newest single with enough energy to carry the listener through the entire song. By incorporating the soft tones of his voice and a dynamic production pairing, the audience can feel as if they are in the recording room with him. The rawness within “Pity Party” is one of the reasons why this song is such a hit from a new artist like Evan.

You can really feel the heart and soul that he put in making “Pity Party”. From the start, he kicks off the song with a pop-influenced drum arrangement that really sets the energy for the rest of the song. His vocals have a certain charisma to them. By showcasing his soft vibrato and strong tone, Evan Kreutz knows how to captivate the lyrics in such a way that makes the listener want to hear more. You simply can feel the passion in each word, which is one of the ways that Evan Kreutz is so unique.

In “Pity Party”, not only does his energetic production bring a special vibe to this song, but so does his lyrics. As a listener, you can really tell that he has put meaning into each word that he sings. This song is about being introverted and how that effects relationships. Evan Kreutz really pours his heart and soul into making this melancholy tune one that is told with a positive back beat and energy. He speaks to understanding that he has been an emotional recluse and how that can be hard to get out of. In the end, it has nothing to do with his relationship, it’s all about the challenge of dealing with the mental health that follows someone who finds more joy being introverted than extroverted. He speaks candidly to how he can’t get out of his own head sometimes and wishes he could.

His rawness is one of the things that makes this song perfect. I personally loved that he took a pop focused approach instead of stripping down the song to get the message of the lyrics across. Instead, he lets the lyrics fall in between a bed of dance worthy beats.

I think Evan Kreutz has tapped into something really wonderful with “Pity Party. He knows how to connect with the audience in a way that is both palpable and unique. This song is definitely on my must-listen list and I can’t wait for it to be on yours too.

Written by Tricia Patras





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