“Man or the Monster” by Liza Jane

Los Angeles pop star on the rise Liza Jane has added another hit to her already impressive discography as she releases the music video for her newest single “Man or the Monster.”  An upbeat and danceable tune, it proves to provide more depth than a traditional modern commercial pop song.

The passion and resonance of Jane’s voice highlight the deep meaning to the artist and connect with the listener in a way you might expect of Lady Gaga or Becky Hill. It takes you down a rabbit hole of thought while staying bright enough musically to retain a positive and empowering morality.

The accompanying music video immerses one into the world of Jane’s imagination. It is introduced with a minute and a half of world-building between Jane and her partner that sets the mood. While his words are complementary, the tone feels rushed and he leaves the room in a hurry. A phone dings and it is revealed that her partner has been unfaithful. The song then begins.

The message behind the single is a universal one that is increasingly unavoidable when dating in this modern era. In a culture that seems to reward gaslighting and deception in one’s own short-term interests, “Man or the Monster” strives to reclaim one’s own identity, as the artist forces herself to confront the reality of a person she has entrusted with so much. The lyrics “Are you a man or a monster? Are you Jekyll or Hyde?” drive this revelation and show that even the worst moments can be channeled into meaningful art.

Written by Nick Gumas





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