“6 AM” by Lily Pierce

East Coast up-and-coming thrasher Lily Pierce has hit the ground running with her Freshman single “6 AM.” The song strives to embody the current Pop Punk scene and does more in a minute and a half than many projects could in a year. The lyrics and beat combine for an upbeat and angsty anthem that introduces Pierce to the scene with gusto.

The song starts with a short soliloquy to set the mood as a voice in a hushed tone states “What time did you get home last night?” The song then takes flight as the next 90-some seconds bring us along on a journey and maybe just a little envious of the artist’s lifestyle.

The lyrics embody embracing the fragility of youth and coming into one’s own in early adulthood. In staunch advocacy of allowing one’s self to take advantage of all life has to offer, she repeats “Another drink, another dance, another dude, another chance.” Whether the listener is in this stage of their own lives, looking forward to it, or thinking back fondly, it is hard to not connect with the memories Pierce is pouring into her art.

She leaves us with a message that she is aware of her worth and unwillingness to be defined by anyone else when embracing her passions. The line “I love to dance, fuck that I don’t need a man. Check my phone and it’s 6:00 am” caps off the piece as we are left inspired to seize every day with more urgency.

Written by Nick Gumas





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