“Missed the Boat” by Sometimes Julie

Tenured San Diego rock act “Sometimes Julie” recently emerged from the studio with their fifth album “Seven Wishes” in a career-defining statement to the band’s talents. In a release whose inspiration spans decades and genres, the single “Missed the Boat” stands out as an earworm that truly embodies the album’s merit.

The song starts out with a steady drum and bass beat and immediately takes a turn. As a saxophone starts to play five seconds in, it takes on a much lighter and more optimistic feel. Lead singer Monica Sorenson’s voice comes in just a few seconds after and the song truly takes flight.

Right out of the gate, the lyrics are emotive and personal, telling a story worthy of emotional response. “From the day I was born, they shoved destiny in my mouth like a spoonful of sand with a crazy mama and a dad I never had.” Sorenson tells the story of a young person desperate to escape their hometown in Arizona and start a life they know they deserve.

The anxieties all culminate in an instrumentally eruptive chorus that inspirationally finds a way to stay optimistic and upbeat repeating “What if I missed the boat? What if my ship sets sail?” As Sorenson conveys a fear that this decision took too long to make. She ultimately decides to press on with newfound confidence and determination to reclaim her own happiness as she sings “Keep time and pray it’s not too late.”

While the piece is one of many chronicling an artist’s journey to California, it is far from a generic jingle. Through its progression, it layers both instrumentally and narratively culminating in an anthem with a message we could all stand to hear from time to time; there is never a wrong time to be who we know we owe it to ourselves to become.

Written by Nick Gumas





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