“Nobody, But Me” by Belle Vex

While he hails from the North East, pop artist Belle Vex is quickly making the airwaves of the world his dancehall as he continues to seize every opportunity he is given. His style picks up where 3OH!3 left off with high energy in his beats and lyrics that make no apologies for living as himself. A mix of exuberant passion for rhythmic beats and lyrics that have an air of “Carpe Diem” to them, his newest single “Nobody, But Me” serves as an impassioned anthem about holding onto one’s identity and valuing individual expression over whatever so-called success selling out might bring in the short term. 

The single starts with heavy synth keys and some rhythmically snapping fingers and quickly gets you into the grove. Vex’s lyrics come in a few seconds into the piece, quickly setting the tone with the lyrics “Short and sweet, I don’t play nice. I may be open-minded but save your breath and keep your advice.” It immediately tells the story of a person determined to retain their independence and individuality. This point is further ratified later in the song as he makes a poignant observation on the creative industry with the line “Half you artists sell your image to make your money. Nope, Not me.”

The single has an unavoidable confidence about it. Blatantly stating “I won’t be controlled… I don’t dance for anybody but me” the artist sings with a distinct determination in his narrative, that while the artists of his genre have bent and pandered in the past, that is a compromise he refuses to make himself.

Written by Nick Gumas





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