“Billboard” by Dan Pye

UK-based artist Dan Pye is choosing to make a statement on the fragility of everything from dreams to interpersonality with his debut single “Billboard.” The self-produced musician gives us a raw glimpse into their songwriting abilities with this lo-fi and unplugged tune.

The song starts off with a meditative acoustic guitar and lays the base for the song. The melody is gentle and repeats throughout the piece, anchoring the emotional tone throughout. The slow tempo plays as a deliberate choice as it lends credence to his lyrics and vocal passion.

Pye’s voice drives the message of the piece. Soft-spoken and emotional, it is reminiscent of artists like Elliott Smith or Chris Carrabba, he pours every part of himself into putting his full range of emotions behind every word out of his mouth. When Pye begins to sing, he tells a story about giving so much of yourself to something all to realize at the end that things likely are not destined for a happy ending. The lyrics “When you count up all your pieces and there’s nothing left to hold, you’re too caught up in the future to see that everybody goes” repeat several times and we cannot help but empathize with this universal message.

While he is clear in his pain, he retains a tone of optimism, singing “I’ve got the will to try.” He makes it clear that no matter what, giving up is not one of his options. When the options are to try again or not, we want to believe we could all be a little more like Pye.

Written by Nick Gumas





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