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“Bring Me The Sky” by Sunburn

Irish band Sunburn breaks into the new year with their new single “Bring Me The Sky,” following the release of “Thunder,” which found its way on Spotify UK’s New Music Friday UK playlist.

This four-piece group has a propitious year ahead, with tours already in place and more releases to come.

Hailing a melancholy tone, Sunburn wails about grief and loss with metaphorical lyrics emphasizing the heavy sadness affixed to the song.

Lyrics like, “This box we live in / Red skies where we lay / Come down from heaven / I want you to stay.”

Or a personal favorite, “Then bleed / Heavy on everything / leave behind / Spare me the ocean and bring me the sky.”

It’s quite a tear-jerking song owing to the lyrics that depict the eradication loss causes, and one must commend the band for using pulchritudinous language to express this.

Perhaps the most alluring aspect of “Bring Me The Sky” is the lead vocalist’s ability to impact such emotions in listeners with his pleading tone in the chorus coupled with the lead guitarists filling in the spaces with colorful guitar licks.

Sunburn impressively took a different route with the rhythm that works well with the track.

The quartet started the year off with a banger, and much like their successful debut release, “Jump the Gun,” which garnered over 240,000 streams, “Bring Me The Sky” has much potential to attract the hearts of many.

The band has embarked on their January 2024 tour of the UK and Ireland, “Sunburn UK/IE Road Trip 2024.” They’ve planned an April/May 2024 Irish tour and have September dates ready for Northern England and November 2024 dates for Southern England. Fans can gear up for their “end of tour” gig in London.

Check out “Bring Me The Sky”!

Written by Taylor Berry

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