We at Rising Artists will look high and low for new music for you to enjoy. Here are some highlights of what we have discovered:

Stefan Schulzki – Conclusion

“Conclusion,” by German producer Stefan Schulzki, features a majestic pop rock soundscape as well as serene vocals by Theresa Sittenauer. Altogether, “Conclusion” is about how we, as people, are continuous works in progress.

Emma Rose – Backseat Driving

“Backseat Driving,” by indie pop artist Emma Rose, is the subtle dose of pure melancholy that slowly washes over you as residual, emotional shock. “Silently crying,” Emma Rose expresses the idea of internalizing how you feel.

Wish Queen – Coast To Coast

“Coast To Coast,” by singer-songwriter Wish Queen, is an ambient indie rock track that begins with wispy acoustics and spectral synth. Eventually, “Coast To Coast” finds its edge, adding in a crunchy guitar and jangly accents to complete the moody soundscape.

Spirit Bear – Friends

“Friends,” by pop-punk duo, Spirit Bear, is about how one of the few respites from this crazy world is the presence of good company. “Friends” is an anthem for not taking those chill hangouts for granted.

Nina Blu – magnetic (closer, closer)

“magnetic (closer, closer)” by Nina Blu is an alt-pop banger about still being under someone else’s spell. Even though they are with someone new, their charm bewitches your heart.

Chelsea Reed – Dominic

“Dominic,” by singer-songwriter Chelsea Reed, is a bouncy, art pop ballad. A frolicking piano and rollicking drums make up this extremely light and free flowing soundscape.

Joel Ackley – Dance Eternity

By producer Joel Ackley, “Dance Eternity” features lead vocals by The Voice Season 23 contestant, Michael B. Williams. While it is a minimalist melody, “Dance Eternity” features drums that trip, fall and domino their way around.

Jessie Phelps – Hollywood

“Hollywood,” by singer-songwriter Jessie Phelps, is a grungy, alt-rock jam about vapid personality disorder. Phelps’s piercing vocal runs and whirlwind guitar riffs highlight “Hollywood.”

Bending Grid – Memories (Bending Grid Remix)

While “Memories” by Bending Grid is overtly futuristic in tone, its electronic melody doesn’t feel strictly binary. For example, the brief synth interlude at the 2:47 mark alludes to having a natural sense of wonder.

Crowes Pasture – Don’t Blink

“Don’t Blink,” by indie folk duo, Crowes Pasture, is a rustic, down home composition. Not only does “Don’t Blink” feature simple acoustics and a plucky banjo, this track is highlighted by a soaring, sinewy violin.

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