“Mystery” by Mark Millar

Edinburgh, Scottland-based guitarist and songwriter Mark Millar has emerged from the studio with a new single that has clearly come straight from his soul. His first release in almost two years, his indie-rock ballad “Mystery” gives us a glimpse into his mind and tugs at our heartstrings in a way only he can.

The song starts out with a calm and down-to-earth Blues riff. The notes seem to pulsate through your headphones, setting a reverberant and soothing tone. With this, we are taken on a journey through Millar’s mind as he navigates through a tunnel of despair and disappointment and channels his pain into art.

His opening line sets the feel for the narrative from the beginning and we can immediately empathize with his plight. As he sings “It’s a mystery why it’s gotta be that you won’t turn around and come with me” we feel alongside him as he tells the story of an unrequited love and his process of mending his broken heart.

Long guitar solos characterize the piece. With light percussion behind him, he plays himself through the long and complicated feelings with his music serving as his therapy. Trailing off like a thought, his riffs echo with great resonance.

Like the ambiguity of life, the story is left open-ended. Unresolved in his mind, Millar is left wondering what led him to his current situation. One cannot help but empathize with his situation and think of a time in their own lives when we were all left wondering why something we wanted to work so badly simply did not.

Written by Nick Gumas





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