“We Are The Promise” by Kelsie Kimberlin

A Ukrainian-American artist currently based out of Washington DC, Kelsie Kimberlin brings a lifetime of experience to her music. One cannot help but admire the Moxie in the delivery of her message as she strives to provide commentary on injustices she has seen firsthand with every song, with “We Are the Promise” being no exception.

The single is a powerful commentary on the war in Ukraine told with a ferocity unique to the artist’s emotions. From the onset, Kimberlin makes it clear that this is not just an anthem of her fight, it is a battle cry. She makes no compromises in her lyrics and with that gives the listener a sense of empowerment by the end.

Her words do not serve to repair the damage done, but rather to energize the world to fight for the cause and break down the other side. With lines like “You’re not going to win ‘cause we’re better than you” she makes her case that her way of life means everything to her and refuses to show fear in front of adversity with lines such as “You don’t scare us, we are gonna stand up to you.” The emotions she displays are raw and she makes no apologies for her justified intensity.

Kimberlin’s accompanying music video makes a poignant statement on the power of music itself. As it begins, it tells the story of a man executed for the crime of playing piano under an Orwellian regime. As all revolutions begin with an idea, Kimberlin chooses to play her part in igniting the flame from the fire she feels in her own heart, hoping her music will do just that.

Written by Nick Gumas





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