“Inversion” by Natalia Quest

Moscow-born, Los Angeles-based artist Natalia Quest makes no attempt to hide the message behind her music. From incorporating heavy orchestral accompaniment to the ferocity behind her lyrics, she strives to make a difference with her art. Her newest single “Inversion” is no different. Her emotionally driven anthem comes from a message close to her heart as Inversion serves as a call to action against indifference and apathy throughout the world. 

From the beginning, the mood is set dramatically. A resonant string orchestra accompanies Quest’s vocals like an action movie’s soundtrack and builds on itself with gothic influence and its symphonic reverberance.

Quest’s lyrics are a flare for the dramatic as she builds a narrative for the world around her from the opening lines. “Born in chaos, born in pain. Distorted light, blindfolded sight” begins to create her thesis for reevaluating the world around us. As she continues, she compares the reality we live in to classic novels “1984” and “A Brave New World” There is a sense of urgency in her need to wake people up to the idea “What if everything isn’t what it seems to be?” and seems to call out the complacency of society claiming “We all silently agree to whatever they decide for us.”

Inversion makes a poignant statement on society as a whole and does not simply encourage, but demands and necessitates that we as individuals take stock of the world at large instead of falling into line for simplicity’s sake, all the while delivering the message in a musical medium that keeps us emotionally engaged.

Written by Nick Gumas





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