“Still Got Time” by Chelsea Burns

Capturing a feeling that is so personal yet universal, Nashville based artist Chelsea Burns has released her single “Still Got Time.” Burns fell in love with music quickly, and has been doing it in some way all her life. Whether it be choir, piano, or poetry, she has always loved writing and playing music. 

“Still Got Time” grapples with a common fear: deadlines. Burns sings about how amazing and scary it is to grow up and just live daily life. It is validating to hear her smooth voice echoing in the choir “You Still Got Time / You Still Got Time / You Still Got Time.”  As a whole, it is an anthemic, conversational song. It is both relatable and powerful. Burns allows the song to build, starting with solo vocals and piano, then inviting harmonies and drums to join in. “You’ll find the best things are gone too soon / you’ll find the beauty in leaving too,” she sings – walking that line of how hard it is both leaving and being left.

When asked what Burns hoped the listeners would take from the song, she shared, “I hope this song helps to bring people peace in their times of anxiety. It’s a little reminder that you’ve still got time.”

Overall, Burns is a force to be reckoned with. Her experiences and maturity show how much she is in tune with her emotions and is a voice for those who don’t have words in situations like these. For her writing on this song, she tells the listener exactly how she feels and what she wants you to know. This style of writing is honest, real, and strong and inspiring. I was surprised this song was not already viral on social media for how much it connects all of us. 

So keep an eye out for Chelsea Burns and listen to her single “Still Got Time,” available everywhere!

Written by Katie Power





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