So much music, so little time. Here’s another batch of songs that you need to check out:

Alton Mitchell – 30 Years Later

“30 Years Later” by Alton Mitchell is about gaining perspective about your life. In addition, it’s a song for realizing who your real friends are.

OCCO – Worth It

“Worth It” by OCCO is an electropop game of mousetrap, building up melodic structures designed to be toppled over by one another. Speaking of games, just before the three minute mark, “Worth It” hits the power up into a vintage arcade-inspired soundscape.

Rigged Game – Record

“Record,” by singer-songwriter Rigged Game is about desperately seeking a lifeline in the form of an old acquaintance. Sometimes, you need to look to the past to make the present feel less daunting.

Renee Arit – Endless Autumn

Singer-songwriter Renee Arit uses the natural imagery of “grey mist” and a sensory lyrical device like “wind howling in the darkness” to add to the stormy motif of her single, “Endless Autumn.” Get out your umbrella for this rainy day anthem.

Justfil – Touch Screen Devices

Subtly, there is something very desert rock about “Touch Screen Devices” by Justfil. Overall, the French composer lays out a panoramic soundscape.

The Unknowns – Stay Down Kat

“Stay Down Kat” by The Unknowns is a smooth, jazzy number. It turns over the spotlight to a serenading saxophone solo just before the three minute mark.

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